Welcome to the Jefferson Physician Group Blog

Dear JPG members… It’s been a long time coming.

Here we are – live on the web… and blogging.

During our 18 year history, the Jefferson Physician Group has used just about every form of communication to reach our members.

Some have been better than others.

“Did you get my letter…”      “I left you a voice mail…”
“It’s called a fax… yes, so don’t answer the phone…”
“I’m calling from my car… that’s right… a car phone!”
“I think we got a bad connection…”
“Do you have an email address…”

So many messages, so many dropped calls.

The challenge of communicating with primary care physicians is their schedule. No one checks messages quite the same way and never at the same time. Stacks of mail form on our desks like mushrooms, sprouting overnight on a field of information. A very big field.

Welcome to the blog. Information anywhere, anytime.

Log in late at night or early in the morning… you know, doctor time.

And even cooler… you can respond. Expand, agree, or disagree. Immediately. We will discuss, banter, and share. I know you have opinions. Express them.

A living document.
Collectively we can make more informed decisions for navigating through this sea of change. As always, we are better together.

You are part of a team. The Jefferson Physician Group.

This is your group. Stay involved.
Just like the video below.
Independence by Working Together. 

Welcome to the Jefferson Physician Group BLOG

Check back often for updates, news, topics of interest and forums for communication.

It’s an exciting time to be a primary care physician and to be a part of the Jefferson Physician Group… We’re glad you’re with us.

Guy L Culpepper, MD

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jefferson Physician Group Blog

  1. Dr. Guy Culpepper has been our physician for only a short time, the last 2 years, and he is absolutely wonderful. The reason he is wonderful, besides the fact he is just a GREAT doctor and a SUPERB Guy, is he takes the time to talk to you about your ailment, isn’t rushed to get you out the door, and genuinely cares about YOU as the patient. His staff is also friendly and kind which is what we need in our time of need. Our entire family thanks you Dr. Culpepper for your top notch service. Warmest Regards, The Becker Family.

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