“Oh, You’re Just a Family Doctor.”

The Healing of America

Our nation’s healthcare has been getting a lot of attention lately.
It’s very ill.

flag stetho

Everyone has an opinion as to the diagnosis.
The bedside is surrounded.

Too much spending… too little spending.
We must insure more people… we’re too dependent on insurance.
Too few options… we need a single payer.
Do more… do less.

Consultants enter the room, one after the other, with arms full of studies and charts and various probes. Our nation looks worried. The consultant’s faces reflect the grim nature of our situation. The crowded room is loud and smells of confusion. Opinions collide.
Not one of the experts look toward the bed. No one talks to the nation.

“A cure may be possible, but this will be a long and painful process,” says one, “and it is going to be very expensive.”
“Oh, yes,” the other consultants nod. “Very expensive.”

In the corner, blocking the window, a large man in a suit says, “Did we mention painful?”
“We told her that,” says a woman in white, “The consent forms are signed.”
“Many of these tests have never been done before, some were tried, but always fail.”

“We even passed legislation to perform some of the more dangerous tests. You would not be able to do this without government assistance. It may take several generations to pay for all of it.” A man in a finely tailored suit placed his briefcase beside the bed. “Some of it will never be paid.” He has an odd smile.

A technician squeezed in next to the computer and was gleefully pounding away at buttons. “I have no idea what some of these do, but we must get this for everyone.”

Our country stirred, rising up to look around the room.

“You lay back down,” said an expert. “We have everything under control. There is nothing you can do to help yourself.” He looks over at the administrator and winks.

Our nation finds the strength to speak. “I want a second opinion.”

A hush falls across the room.  The crowd near the door shuffles and a woman enters. She wears a simple cotton dress and a white coat. There is a scuffed stethoscope draped over her shoulder. She looks a little tired.

“I’m so glad you came,” says our country.

The consultants pull back their shoulders and turn their heads. “Who are you?”
Mumbles erupt, “We don’t need her.” “What does she know?” “Show us your data.”
“You’re just a family doctor.”

The woman moves quickly to the bedside and places her hand upon our country.
“OK. Let’s start with some fresh air,” she says, “Everyone out.”

Light cascades across the room, illuminating our nation. “With a little hard work, you are going to be just fine,” says the family physician. “I’ll be here to help you.”

“I feel better already.”

2 thoughts on ““Oh, You’re Just a Family Doctor.”

  1. I would like to see the room cleared, I would LIKE to see the reemergence of the immeasurably precious medical commodity known as common sense, personally and knowledgeably delivered by a physician who knows us well. That is so badly missing in the free-for-all fee-for-all way we throw around care that is too much, too soon, to too many and for too much money.

    The medical profession is sadly seeing too much predation. A predator doctor buying up and running rural hell-hole hospitals here in Texas, allegedly altering physician charts to rack up more fraudulent gains. People died in these traps. Hospital acquired infections are rampant – and too many people are subjecting themselves to the dangers of a toxic environment when they are hospitalized for no good reason. A Detroit oncologist making millions by prescribing chemotherapy and fabricating diagnoses so he can make fat profits.

    The hospital scandals around unnecessary heart procedures and spinal procedures. The jarring report that poor hospitals make more money when there are post-hospitalization complications.

    Did a hale, hearty and symptomless ex-President Bush really need a stent? Or was it a lock that the Cooper Clinic was going to find SOMETHING wrong in a vital 67 year old man who has always had the best care that money can buy?

    The list goes on. The drugs keep getting pounded into our consciousness, the quick fix of bariatrics to lose weight that could otherwise be lost through health living. On and on ad nauseum.

    Yes – where is the family doctor? Oh there she is – running in that giant hamster wheel that goes nowhere.

  2. This IS indeed well put…..the technicians, the consultants, the experts (?), making decisions about our health! Thanks for painting the pictures into the true words of what our “country” is indeed worried about.

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